Eczema, Asthma and Allergies

Many people with eczema or asthma wonder if there is an allergic cause for their condition. People with either condition will tend to have a higher number of allergies than those without. A consultation with South West Allergy can help to work out an appropriate management plan for these allergies.

Eczema and allergy

Allergy diagnosis is particularly difficult in the case of eczema because allergy tests are often positive in these patients even when no allergy is actually present. About 10% of people with eczema find their symptoms are worsened by some types of food and will thus benefit from a managed diet plan. The vast majority though will not

Asthma and allergy

A proportion of asthma, like eczema, is driven by an allergen. In these cases diagnosis and treatment can help. However, the majority of people with asthma will not have an external cause.