Allergy Clinics in Bristol & the South West

Tree pollen

South West Allergy is an associaton of NHS allergy and immunology practitioners who have combined to provide a private patient allergy service. Our services include the diagnosis of allergic conditions, advice on how to manage allergic conditions and the treatment of allergic conditions.

Our aim is to provide you with a courteous, informed, scientifically validated approach to allergy, immunology and other conditons. We aim to uncover the reasons for your allergy and to help you manage it with an appropriate plan. We also provide reports for patients and solicitors within this framework.

We currently operate from Bristol, but can provide our services at other sites if there is sufficient need.

Due to the complex nature of allergy, we do not try to provide an explanation or a cure. For those conditions where we are most able to reach a conclusion, the symptoms are listed here.

For those patients who wish to discover if their particular symptoms have an allergic explanation (in the medical use of the term, i.e. Type 1 hypersensitiviy), we are happy to provide an opinion. However, you should be aware that we may only be able to provide an expert opinion rather than a definitive diagnosis.

We only use what we regard as validated tests for allergies, such as:

  • Skin prick testing;
  • Detection of IgE to specific substance in blood (often called RAST testing);

If you wish to be seen we usually require a GP referral and need you to fill in the appropriate appointment booking form.

We are able to see adults and children between the ages of 2 and 18 years (but only if their parent or legal guardian is present). Certain cases may not be suitable and certain cases will need referral to the NHS after the appointment for other tests.

Please ensure that you have read our terms and conditions.